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..Hey Finally done with all the bullshit of deleting my old entries of being pathetic w/ stupid boys when i was 18 haha...
So here it is I wanted to write an entry but by the time i got through with deleting alot I am not in the mood to write. But now I'll tell you just about my day Well there isnt any point of saying i woke up i stayed up all night a bit frustrated .... kissed my boyfriend goodbye as he went off to work which made me a little sad...but i got over it lol i guess it was the feeling of not getting enough sleep.. im a crazy delerious bitch when i dont sleep .. This is such a gay entry tomorrow is friday hell yeah I can't wait!!! fuck this ill talk to you later =o] i love you
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Eh I havent been ON Lj for a while and I realized by reading all my old entries that i have had problems with boys and it sounded fucking pathetic this is the last time I'm going to be the person who doesnt get what they want in a relationship I'm going to be tough! I'm not having a guy to think I'm a pussy anymore I'm ready. But I have a very sweet side to me if we connect I will show it, if we dont connect I back away and dont say much. I'm outspoken ( well lately just kind of quiet) I just need to find some more of a variety of more people to hang out with...I'm majorly bored with everything .

Living the Single life can be cool although it has its MANY flaws .. Like for instance wanting to passionatly kiss that person whenever you please , tell he/she how cute they are when they do certain things, go out to eat share our food, do things couples do. ...FUCK I gotta Stop being so sappy at times it makes me sick, eventually I will just Deteriate. I am A happy person but theres these times where I trouble with my emotions and they go wild .............. WOW its too late i gtg GNIGHT
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Who will give you an orgasm?
by leslie13
So, who will make you moan?Brad Pitt
Will it be good?It'll be fucking amazing!
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